root&star launched in January 2016, and we publish 6 issues a year. Our greatest hope is that we inspire the poetry of childhood. We are actively and eagerly seeking submissions from writers, artists, writer-artists, and artist-writers, particularly from talented humans who also happen to be parents (though of course non-parents may submit).

  • Please send unpublished text if you have work already completed that you think would fit our magazine. If you have an idea for the magazine but do not have it created yet, you may also pitch that idea here. Either way, no more than 10 pages. If we are interested, we may request to see more work.

  • Please see below for specific themes we are interested in examining, abstractly and specifically. Please also see below about what we are looking for in style and aesthetic.

  • If applicable, please also send along a link to your work, a short bio, information on why your work would fit here, and any specific ideas you have for your work in relation to the magazine. For instance, because we are so new, you may pitch a monthly or quarterly series, or an article that may be of interest to us that we have not yet considered.

Here are our themes for 2017-2018:

Issue 12 November/December: LIGHT/DARK (deadline: August 1, 2017)

Issue 13 January/February: HIDDEN (deadline September 1, 2017)

Issue 14 March/April: FOSSILS (deadline October 1, 2017)

Issue 15 May/June: NOISE (deadline November 1, 2017)

Issue 16 July/August: ORANGE (deadline January 1, 2018)

Issue 17 September/October: CROWS (deadline February 1, 2018)

Issue 18 November/December: STONES (deadline April 1, 2018)


We are looking to build a beautiful, meaningful magazine for children and for the people who read this magazine to children. They will be reminded as they read these pages that life, and life with children especially, is beautiful, mysterious, quirky, and worthwhile. We are looking for writing that is kind, strange, powerful, exquisite, and sacred. (By sacred we do not mean religious, for we do not plan to reference any holiday or spiritual figure. We mean instead the sanctity of the everyday.) We do not shy away from diversity in all its forms (family, gender, race, etc.). 

Thank you for your submission.